At Tshirt Quilt Co., we know your memories are important, and we want you to have peace of mind about trusting us with your t-shirts. We have listed some of our most frequently asked questions to ensure you feel confident about the process of having your treasured t-shirts made into a commemorative quilt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my quilt in time for Christmas 2021?

In order to receive your quilt by Christmas 2021, we must receive all of your items for your order in-house by December 1st. Also, please write “For Christmas” in the due date spot on your order form.

Can I use the front and back of a shirt?

Yes, you can use the front, back, or both sides of a single shirt for your t shirt quilt. Just be sure to attach your numbers from the layout guide to each side that you would like to incorporate.

Is the Perfect Throw Quilted?

In order to keep our product as afforable as possible, we do not quilt The Perfect Throw. However, we have a growing relationship with Campus Quilt Co. They provide a fully customizible experience with quilting and batting to give a full, comforter feel within their final product.

Can I use t-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, jerseys, tank tops, etc. in the same quilt?

Yes, we can incorporate almost any clothing material in your t shirt quilt. Using any material is one aspect of the quilts that we like to call the T-shirt Quilt Company difference! Any specialty squares can typically be incorporated for a $5 fee per square.

How long will it take to make my quilt?

We can usually ship your T-shirt quilt back to you within two to four weeks of receiving your t-shirts. Graduation and Christmas orders take a little longer, so be sure to leave some wiggle room or ask us about guaranteed delivery during those seasons. Rush orders are also available for a small fee of $19.99.

What backing colors do you offer?

We have a few different options of soft fleece material to choose for the backing on your T-shirt quilt. We have Bright Red, Royal Blue, Black, Grey and Navy Blue available (see below). If we do not have what you are looking for, we can always use any fleece material that you provide. 

Can I send you the fabric I want for the back of my quilt?

We pride ourselves on our customization options – that’s the T-shirt Quilt Company difference! If you prefer a custom color, you can certainly provide that material. We can accept any fleece material as backing for your T-shirt quilt. Please reference the table in your kit, which lists how much fabric is needed for each size.

How are the front and back of the quilt held together?

The outside edge of the T-shirt quilt will be bound in order to ensure stability and ensure that the quilt lasts for many, many years to come!

I want to make my child a quilt but I have shirts from toddler size up to adult large, can these be used together?

Yes, we can accommodate a variety of shirt sizes in the same quilt. If the toddler shirts are too small, we can cut the shirt into the largest square or rectangle possible then add backing to the items in a process called “appliqueing”, which is an additional $5 per item. 


I tried to make a quilt myself and things just didn't work out right. Can you take my mess and make it into a quilt?

Yes, we would be glad to help with this T-shirt quilt! It may cost a little more depending on how the shirts are cut, but we have never seen a project we couldn’t finish. Contact us today for a quote for your project.

Do I cut my own shirts before I send them to The T-shirt Quilt Co.?

We do all the hard work for you so you can sit back and relax. Us handling all of the cutting and sewing for you s the T-shirt Quilt Company difference!Please send in your entire shirt and we will do the cutting and sewing for you here.

How are my shirts cut?

We offer either 12″ finished squares or 14.5″ finished squares. This means we cut the shirts either 12.5″ or 15″, so that 12″ or 14.5″ shows when the shirts are sewn into the quilt. This ensures the best option for your quilt based on your shirts, as smaller shirts sometimes require smaller squares. 

Below, you can see how we cut 15″ squares before we sew them into finished 14.5″ squares.